M a k i n g  o u r  c o m m u n i t i e s  s a f e r

Its YOUR call! Report anti-social behaviour in YOUR village.
On September 21st 2005 the Home Office Respect Taskforce launched Tendringís Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting Line. The national number, (0845 605 2222), which is charged as a local rate call, directs callers to their local Anti-Social Behaviour Team. Tendring Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership facilitate the local Reporting Line, and it is staffed by a dedicated team who are on call 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm every weekday. A 24-hour answer phone is in service for out of hourís calls.
If you wish to make a report of anti-social behaviour in your area, or just want some general advice, please call 0845 605 2222 and you will be directed to your local Anti-Social Behaviour Team. Please be aware that this is not an instant response facility. If an instant response is required then you should contact your local police station. Emergencies should always be reported to 999. The line endeavours to find a long term solution to the problems that the public report and implement interventions to stop them from re-occurring. You do not even have to give your contact details to report an incident Ė you may remain anonymous. Itís your call and we rely on you to make us aware of problems so we can act on them.

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